enter the universe of ritual-martial dark-wave of reto g and pete s - be overwhelmed by the dark sounds of melancholy and pain, of forbidden love and eternal death

the troika was founded in 1998 and started out as a goth-rock band. in the mid-zeroes our music turned darker. after aschy left the band in 2008 reto and pete turned away from goth-rock towards a more epic kind of music. mixing classical instruments with electronic sounds, heavy drums and hypnotic vocals. this change is reflected in our two studio albums. while most tracks on «awake», released in the beginning of 2008, are straight goth-rock songs, our latest album «a white rose for eternity», released in november 2010, creates a powerful atmosphere of dark emotions

yours forever - the troika



october 17th, 22:00 radio interview & live session at Kanal K (92.2.+94.9 FM), plus Radio Rasa, Radio Lora and Open Broadcast - don't miss it
september 2011

Interview Orkus 02/11
january 2011

Interview on akte:schwarz
september 2010


next live gig
friday 28. april 2017 at dynamo werk21, zurich
march 2017

new album is in its final stage - release april 2017
march 2017

current CD

a white rose for eternity

CD a white rose for eternity

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